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Shambala Kidz Leadership Preschool

Shambala Kidz Leadership Preschool is the first premium leadership preschool in Malaysia, which is built according to five-star standards proposed by Ministry of Education (MOE) of Malaysia.

Through Shambala Kidz Leadership Development Programme (SKLDP) as well as the excellent learning environment, we can ensure that the students can be proficient in basics of three main languages in Malaysia and main subjects and can possess outstanding leadership qualities. After graduation, they will have qualifications to choose to enter any international school or any public primary school (SJK).


Shambala Kidz Leadership Development Programme (SKLDP)

Each marvellous achievement in this world is reached under the leadership of great leaders. Effective leadership helps to develop the society and organization and the integration of individual and group goals in the organization within the society.

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Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-School

(Bukit Puchong)

No.42, Jalan BP 7/8, Bandar Bukit Puchong 2, 47120 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-School

(Sungai Long)

No. 4, Jalan SL 6/7, Bandar Sungai Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-School


19, 19-01, 19, 02, Jalan Ponderosa 2/2, Taman Ponderosa, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

What Do Parents Say


Frequntly Ask Questions

  • Q. Where is the best kindergarten in Malaysia?

    The best is kindergarten is the one most fits to your child’s needs. Choosing what is right for your child really is not as prescriptive as it could be. Do some research of following points to choose a preschool that works for your child.

    1. Cost
    2. Teaching Methods
    3. Location
    4. Services
    5. Class size
    6. Approved by ministry of education?
    7. Child care/ after school activities provided?

    You will want to consider what you value in your child’s early education.
  • Q. What is the teaching methods?

    Academic, teachers lead the children in a more structured way, planning the activities, then guiding the children in doing them. The design is aimed at preparing kids for the kindergarten setting.

    Our programme are designed to bring out children’s leadership potential which includes 11 individual leadership modules. In additional, our school syllabus is aligned with English, Malay and Mandarin so that our students are ready when he or she attends primary school.
  • Q. Is the school provide nutritious meals?

    We do not cut cost with the meals we provide our students at Shambala Kidz Leadership Pre-school. We provide 3 quality healthy meals a day – breakfast, lunch and tea. We have 4 menus that we rotate throughout calendar month, exclusively prepared to ensure children receive balanced healthy and nutritional meals..

    Note :We do not serve deep fried food like fries or hash browns. We do not serve processed meats like fish-ball, luncheon meat, hotdog sausages. We only use real natural meats with nutrition..
  • Q. What happens after school?

    The integrated after-school program provides children with more opportunities to learn and grow and provides a seamless day for children.

    Parents can choose to enroll their child in the after-school programs. Welcome to ask for more information about what programs are available.
  • Q. How much it will cost?

    Reasonable fees :Fees for the integrated after-school programs are set locally by school boards every year. Contact us for more information about fees.
  • Q. What security measures are in place?

    • Teachers receive training through the District Crisis Team. Teachers and students practice crisis drills including fire drills.
    • There are several building procedures in place that address safety including the following:
    • All doors in the building are locked throughout the school day.
    • Adults entering the building must stop in the office.
  • Q. Will the school board provide busing or other transportation for children to and from full-day kindergarten?

    No. Parents are responsible for getting their child to and from the before- and after-school programs. Parents are also responsible for arranging for transportation.
  • Q. How many students will be in a kindergarten class?

    1:12. With two qualified professionals in the classroom – a teacher and an early childhood educator – there is an average of one adult for every 10 children. This means that more students will get one-on-one attention and opportunities to learn together in small groups.
  • Q. Is the school offers full-day kindergarten for my children?

    Yes, full-day kindergarten is provided but not mandatory. At the schools where full-day kindergarten is offered, parents can choose to remove their child for part of the day if that is what works best for them. Like existing kindergarten programs, parents will continue to have the choice about whether to enroll their children in full-day kindergarten.
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