Our Programme

Our Programme

Shambala Kidz Leadership Development Programme (SKLDP)

Each marvellous achievement in this world is reached under the leadership of great leaders. Effective leadership helps to develop the society and organization and the integration of individual and group goals in the organization within the society. To this end, we believe the world needs more leaders to lead society towards a better future.

As an old saying goes, the child is father of the man. So SKLPS chooses to focus on field of early childhood education, is committed to be an incubator for nurturing outstanding leaders of the world and tries to devote efforts for our next generations together with the parents who share a common view of the world.

To better implement this idea, our founder spent many years to travel to China, United States, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Britain, Canada and other countries to visit hundreds of top-notch public and private kindergartens and learn from world's top preschools, so as to integrate their advanced education module, teaching method and management systems.

In the end, our 20 persons international R&D team took two years to build an effective leadership education programme (Shambala Kidz Leadership Development Programme) at a cost of nearly RM 1.2 million. The programme consists of 17 leadership elements, including language basics, physical development, intelligence development, moral education, creativity and innovation, communication skills, teamwork, planning ability, decision-making ability, strategic planning, communication skills, speech skills, execution ability, time management skills, financial management skills, risk management skills, science and logic.

At present, we are still engaged in active improvement of our programme, because we believe if we pay more efforts, SKLPS will finally be the world’s best preschool, just like a shiny star lighting up way up high. Let us devote efforts together for a better new world and promising future, so that our next generation can live better in that future.